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Instagram Guide to Chicago

 Greetings from Chicago Mural
The Greetings From Chicago Mural is located at 2226 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647.
Flamingo Mural
This amazing mural is part of a building.  The whole building has flamingos painted on it.  The business is called Flamingo Rum Club, at 601 N. Wells Street.  

Willis Tower Sky Deck
I think this is probably the second most popular Instagram spot in Chicago (after the Bean).  I definitely do not feel like the Sky Deck is overrated.  I’ve been a few times and always enjoy it.  It can take a very long time to get up to the top, so make sure you go early enough that it will still be light out.  There are amazing views.  Chicago has such a pretty skyline.  

Millennium Park
Millennium Park has so much going on these days.  There are tons of Instagram worthy spots here.  This is where the Bean is located.  Cloud Gate is just a tiny section of this park.  Just take the time to explore the park when you go.  It’s especially good in the warmer months.  Although, there is ice skating here in the winter.  

Michigan Avenue
There is a really pretty courtyard located right off of Michigan Ave.  It’s located just North of H&M and Topshop.  I think it’s part of Fourth Presbyterian Church.  It just feels kind of surreal when you walk in because it’s such an old, beautiful building in the middle of sky scrapers.  If you’re one that enjoys old architecture then you would probably really like this spot.  

Uniqlo has huge windows near the Starbucks, that give you a good view of the historic Water Tower.  It’s above the trees, so it can make for a nice good Instagram shot in the middle of the city.  

Lake Shore Drive Lakefront
Every part of the Lakefront Trail near Lake Shore Drive is pretty.  It boarders Lake Michigan.  There are marinas, break walls, and beaches, and makes for some really good shots.  Of course it’s best in the warmer months because it’s a lot more active and the boats will still be in the water.  It very pretty at night as well.  

Navy Pier
These views are from the new Navy Pier Ferris Wheel.  There is a lot to explore at Navy Pier.  It’s pretty tourist-y but good for a first time Chicago visiter.  

The Chicago River
I think the best view of the Chicago River is from the DuSable Bridge (Just ignore the Trump Hotel). There is a park that goes along the river.  Just follow the set of stairs down.  This is where the river gets dyed green for Saint Patricks day too.  

Buckingham Fountain
Buckingham Fountain may not look that amazing in my pictures but trust me, it is.  It’s located in the center of Grant Park.  It’s huge and has lights that shine on it.  It’s one of my favorite spots in Chicago. 

The Chicago Theatre 
The Chicago Theatre sign is just one of those pictures you have to take while you are there.  It’s located on North State Street.  

Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo in Lincoln Park.  It’s fun to just walk around.  There is a new boardwalk area that goes around the pond.  That’s where this wooden arch is located.  It’s right outside the zoo.  It’s a super popular spot for wedding photographs so it may be difficult to get a picture there.  

If you walk over to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, there is an amazing green house.  I think it’s actually my favorite green house ever.  It’s also free to go inside.  There are a bunch of separate rooms with different plants and flowers.  Just be aware, it’s super hot inside.  

Chicago Botanic Garden
The Chicago Botanic Garden is literally one of my favorite Chicago spots.  It’s pretty far outside of the city.  You cannot walk there and I’m not even sure if it’s actually in Chicago, but it’s incredible.  It’s also free to enter but parking costs money.  It’s an enormous garden that spans miles.  There are different themes to each area.  It’s chucked full of Instagram worthy spots and a little bit less common for tourists.  

           Welcome to my Instagram Guide to Chicago.  I have been wanting to put this together for a while.  Chicago is one of my favorite cities with so much Instagram potential.  A lot of the spots that I have included are pretty popular and already well known but I think they are worth a mention.  I would like to make a part two to this in the future.  I’m moving away soon so I’m not sure how long it will be before I get that up.  Let me know if you guys have visited Chicago or are planning on it soon.  


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