Instagram Obsessed

This blog post is a little bit different than what I normally do.  I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite, somewhat recent Instagram pics.  Over the years of having an Instagram account, I have become quite obsessed.  It is by far my favorite social networking website.  What I really love about Instagram is that it’s mainly used for posting pictures.  Pictures are my favorite aspect of all the other sites.  I’m not one for keeping up with my status or reposting other people’s pictures.  I just love how you can take a simple little vintage style picture and make it beautiful.  You can use a pretty little picture to say something about your day.  I was going through some of my Grandmother’s photos about a year ago and noticed that they were all square and small.  They looked like vintage Instagram pictures and they were so simple and cute.  I also just think it’s really fun.  If you want to check out my account, here it is.

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