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Kinda Khaki Pants

rancho palos verdes
school in rancho
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PANTS: Target  |  SWEATER: Moon & Madison  |  SNEAKERS: Puma  |  SUNGLASSES: Glik’s  |  BAG: Coach

          I honestly didn’t like these pants when I first saw them.  I am not a fan of khaki pants in general.  These are more of a fashion-forward style, though.  Also, they are a darker color.  They are more brown than khaki.  In the photos they look kind of orange, but they aren’t really.  I needed new pants that aren’t jeans because I lost a bit of weight and my pants are baggy.  It has been bothering me.  I went shopping this past weekend and I literally could not find any pants that were in my size that aren’t jeans, yoga pants, or sweatpants.  I don’t know what is going on but I swear the sweats and yoga pants outnumber the real pants like 10:1.  They are just so difficult to find.  I think because of Covid, stores are still just stocking up on things for people to wear at home.  I, sadly cannot just stay home.  I need real clothes.  

          Anyway, I bought them and brought them home to try on with some of my tops.  I decided that I really like them when they are styled a certain way.  I love the way they look with this star sweater because the colors go perfectly together.  They are definitely a style that I am not normally drawn to but I think they are fun.  It might be a bit challenging to style these but I made sure that I have enough that matches them.  They kind of give me woodsy girl vibes.  They remind me of what a lumberjack would wear or somebody that is camping, but in a cute way.  

Woman Khaki Pant


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