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Kings Canyon National Park

Can you see the black bear to the left? The cub is a few feet behind, but behind a tree.  

TOP: Forever 21  |  CARDIGAN: Forever 21  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx  |  BACKPACK: Primark
          We spent Sunday at Kings Canyon National Park.  I’d never been there and it’s such a pretty park.  It’s right next to Sequoia.  The mountains there are super tall (around 11,000 ft.).  It has valleys,  waterfalls, and other unique sites.  We didn’t have a lot of time to hike because the road into the park is super long and curvy.  On one of the trails a mother black bear and cub crossed the trail right in front of us.  It was just far enough away that I’m not sure if they noticed us, but also close enough that we could see them in great detail.  We were able to observe them for a little bit before turning around.   The bear cub was eating things off the ground and it was so cute.  I wish we could have spent more time at both parks.  We are already planning on going back in the near future.  

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  • krishna

    Long ago I went to Sequoia national park, we had a plan to go to King's Canyon also. But we didn't go to king's canyon as my body couldn't take that much exhaustion, I was actually pregnant at that time. 🙂

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