Last Minute San Francisco Visit

                    We drove through Big Sur much quicker then we thought we would, so we decided to head up to San Francisco for a few hours.  My boyfriend had never been there and really wanted to check it out.  I wasn’t going to turn down another chance to visit one of my favorite cities.  When we made plans to visit California, San Francisco wasn’t part of out itinerary.  I was just there in June, you can check out my post from that HERE!  Since we only had a few hours, we had a bit of a hard time deciding what to do.  We chose to do some less touristy things because they would be crowded and take up too much time.  We immediately went to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I thought that was mandatory because it’s so iconic.  Second, we went to Twin Peaks.  That was amazing.  Somehow, with all of the times I have been to San Francisco I had never even heard of it.  Twin Peaks is just two really high hills that are a great look-out over the city.  We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner and did a bit of walking around, before heading all the way back to our hotel in Morro Bay.  


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