London is Calling

Hyde Park

Kensington Palace

Buckingham Palace

COAT: Last minute emergency Walmart purchase  |  JEANS: Forever 21

 |  BOOTS: Primark (from London)  |  PURSE: Michael Kors

          I just got back from my first trip to Europe! We explored London and Paris for 10 days.  It was a super exciting and eventful trip.  We did almost everything that we intended on doing and a few extras.  We also got engaged (a surprise to me)! I will do a whole post on how that happened later on. I have a bunch of posts planned about my trip.  I’m not sure what the total number will be yet, but I plan on doing outfit posts, travel advice posts, overall picture posts, and my engagement post.  
          This first post covers our visit to Buckingham Palace and a few other sites.  Buckingham Palace is huge and pretty.  There weren’t any guards with the big hats right in front of the palace.  There were some a few streets over that were marching.  I’m not sure what the building was called.  love London so much.  It’s officially my favorite city.  It is just really special.  It’s hard to explain.  London has such pretty architecture with lots of character and history.  The parks are magical too.  You feel like you are literally in Alice in Wonderland.  I’ll elaborate more on the parks later.  

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