March Wishlist

Welcome to my March wishlist!  The most important thing on my list is sun.  I am dying for it.  I cannot take another day of this cold, cloudy weather.  Honestly, I’m surprised I made it through this winter.  I feel like I should have shivered to death.  Besides the sun, I really want a skort, this gingham dress from Topshop, these cute sandals from asos, and this giant polka dot top from H&M.  My watch recently broke and I have had my eye on this Marc Jacobs one.  I love the minimalism of it.  I also really love black and gold together.  Other than that, I have been looking for another cute hat.  This one it an example of what I thing would be nice for spring.  What have you been thinking about for March?

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  • My life in words

    Loving everything on your wishlist!!!
    Maybe I should start thinking of my March wishlist to post.
    Would you like to follow each other? 🙂 xx



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