Maroon Speckle Sweater

         First, I must say that there are many pictures in this post.  I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago to see the trees from all of the countries for the beginning of the holidays, and the new Walt Disney exhibit.  If you haven’t been there for this, there are several Christmas trees, each decorated with items from each country.  I just wanted to include them all.  There tree in the center is huge and always has a different ornament theme.  I normally go around this time of year to see it and all of the other trees.  They do a great job of putting you in the holiday spirit.

Sweater: JCPenny 
Scarf: Plato’s Closet and tagless so I don’t know the brand
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Vera Wang (altered) 
Pants: Lauren Conrad
             I chose to wear this sweater today because it’s an easy, effortless clothing item that allows me to leave my coat in the car in cold weather.  It was the perfect piece for a museum day because you stay nice and warm, without all the bulk of a coat.  I bought it because of the color, mainly.  Maroon is a really nice color for fall.  I also really love the multi-colored specks in the yarn.  I have had this necklace for a few months.  It’s Vera Wang Princess.  I fell in love with the awesome, detailed picture frame.  It used to have a poodle charm inside, but I don’t really like poodles, so I switched it out for a Pegasus.  It’s a really unique piece of jewelry that I was not going to pass up.  
            The rest of these pictures (besides the Christmas tree ones) are from the Walt Disney exhibit.  They are some of my favorite costumes and props from Disney movies.  The first one is from the new version of Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp).  This giant Sleeping Beauty book is from the cartoon.  It’s from the beginning of the movie when the story starts, and the book opens.  There were a few more of these from other old cartoons too.  The next prop is from Pirates of the Caribbean.  It’s the compass that Captain Jack Sparrow carries.  They also had his costume and the Dead Man’s Chest.  These are the crowns from The Princess Diaries film.  Lastly, this is Mary Poppins bag that she carries in the film.  I also saw the spell book from the movie Hocus Pocus, which was awesome.  The last pic showcases some of Walt Disney’s awards.  I highly recommend that exhibit if your a Disney fan.  

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