Midi Dress
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Midi Dress for Easter

Midi Dress
flowers in a field
rancho palos verdes

DRESS: Lulu’s  |  SANDALS: Walmart  |  SUNGLASSES: Glik’s  |  BAG: Coach 

          This year for Easter I wore this fun midi dress.  Even though it’s not pastel colored or floral it reminds me of spring.  It makes me think of a picnic blanket, because of the plaid.  I try to wear a dress every year for Easter.  If you are going to dress up for any holiday I feel like Easter is the best one to because spring to me says “pretty dress.”  I wore this dress last year for Thanksgiving as well.  It’s very versatile.  I got it from Lulu’s a while ago in the sale section.  Do you like dressing up for Easter? 

          This year for Easter me and my husband went to a park nearby.  We made a nice meal, watched Netflix, had an Easter egg hunt for my dogs, and dyed eggs.  It was a really fun, casual day.  I haven’t mentioned yet, but I got a puppy recently.  I want to properly introduce her though.  I think my next post will be all about her.  


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