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     Cocomelody is an online bridal shop that sells beautiful dresses at an affordable price point.  They offer a little bit of every style.  There are tons of options to choose from.  Many of them are very extravagant without the high cost.  If you are looking for an inexpensive, pretty dress then you may be interested.  Even though I won’t be getting married anytime soon, I know a lot of people that are and may be able to benefit from this post.  Just because you are on a tight wedding budget, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pretty dress.

     There are many options of designer wedding dresses you can choose from.  These dresses have lots of embellishment and detail.  There are elements like pretty tulle and layers of chiffon and lace.  They all have a little bit of extra detail to make them feel extra special.  There are many available but I have chosen two of my favorites to show you.

     Another wedding trend that I have noticed is convertible bridesmaid dresses.  Cocomelody also offers a variety of those.  You can choose the way the dresses are styled or have all of your bridesmaids wear their dresses differently.  They are a refreshing alternative to traditional bridesmaids dresses.  There are tons of different fabrics and colors that you can choose from for convertible bridesmaid dresses.  My two favorite options are below.

     Cocomelody offers free shipping on wedding dresses when you spend $300!  The offer ends May 31st.  Many of their dresses are marked down significantly from their original price.  

Plus Size Prom Dresses


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