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TOP: Monteau L.A.  |  JEANS: Forever 21 |  PURSE: Michael Kors

          This post is about some odd places in Paris.  As you can see, there are many pictures of the Eiffel Tower.  It is so amazing seeing it in real life and when it sparkles at nigh, it’s magical.  I had no idea that the lights would be as sparkly as they are.  It’s seriously amazing to see.  It happens every hour, at the beginning of the hour (I think).  I have to include that the area around the Eiffel Tower is incredible touristy.  I thought it would be a bit more clean and pretty.  A lot of the grass is dying and there are a lot of people around trying to sell you things and scam you.  You have to be very careful.  Even be weary of the children, as we had some of them pull our hair.  I want this to be an honest post.  I feel like a lot of people have unrealistic expectations of Paris.  I know I did.  It is beautiful and amazing but it definitely has a darker side.  Don’t get me wrong, l love it and I’d go back in a second.  I just want to throw that out there because there are a lot of tourists that go there blinded by the perception they have been fed.  Also, be weary of pick pockets.  Luckily, we didn’t have many issues and were able to enjoy ourselves.  I have been to a ton of touristy areas and am aware of a lot of scams.  Just do some research before you go.  
          If you go to Paris in search of gelato, you must go to Amorino.  It’s a gelato shop that serves the rose shape.  You can also get a French macaron on top.  They have different sizes but you can choose as many flavors as you want, for no additional cost.  I highly recommend it.  It’s not too expensive for what you get.  I think our cones were around 7 Euros, for large.  There are a few locations in Paris.  

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