There is a cute little shop in Nashville, Indiana, called Mulberry Cottage.  I took a mini trip there today through the curvy and hilly roads, past Brown County State Park.  I love this little store because the upstairs portion sells bunches of adorable and feminine dresses, blouses, and skirts.  Everything up there is very much  my style; cute.  I went in a few other shops in Nashville, just because I walked past them.  Anyway, the town is pretty cute and has streets full of little shops.  Mulberry Cottage is definitely my favorite.  I bought this purple dress-thing.  Its super pretty and I couldn’t pass it up.  It is by the brand a’ reve.  I decided to wear my new pleated lace peplum top by Elle.  My spiked shorts, glittery sandals, lion necklace, and sunglasses are from Forever 21.  I just got them last week so they are all probably still available.  My bracelet was made by me and just happens to match my necklace perfectly.  If anyone else has been to Nashville, I want to know what your favorite shop is.


  • Nadia Louise

    I absolutely love your blog and your fashion sense please never stop. I hate that I can't get some of the clothes you wear as I'm from Britain, but I love having the opportunity to grab some ideas. Better stop before I start rambling on with my adoration but basically wanted to say thank you for writing your blog I love to read it.

    http://nadialoo.blogspot.co.uk/ (My blog has only just started and its a true work in progress. In all honesty I'm a bit embarrassed by it at the moment but we'll see how it goes!) I would really appreciate any help and advice you can give *you don't have to read it if you don't want too though.

    Deleted my first post as I posted it before it was complete (sorry)

    • Andrea Ryan

      Thank you, all of that is so nice to hear! I will be sure to look at your blog. I'm jealous that you live in Britain. There are so many stores there that I would love to shop in, but can't. Don't be embarrassed, all blogs are a work in progress.

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