Van Gogh Painting
Holidays,  Los Angeles

My Birthday at the Getty Center

Van Gogh Painting
Woman painting
the getty fountain
painting of flowers
garden at the getty center
girl in a garden
The getty garden
pink flowers
birthday cake

          The Getty Center is an art museum that I have been wanting to visit.  It’s different from the Getty Villa, which is the same company but a different museum.  I decided to go on my 34th birthday.  I had planned to go to Disneyland but the price was insane for that day and it was going to be very crowded because it’s so close to Halloween.  I’m still going to go to celebrate my birthday, but in a few weeks.  Anyway, I decided to go to the Getty Center as a back up because it’s just something fun that I have been wanting to do.  I recently visited the Getty Villa, and really enjoyed it.  After going to the Getty Center, I went to Laduree to get some French macarons.  Then I got Thai food and went home to cut my cake.  After that I just took my dogs for a walk by the beach.  Overall it was a pretty good day.  

          Back to the topic of the Getty, here is some more info about it.  It’s an art museum with historical paintings and sculptures.  There is art from famous artists like Van Gogh and Monet and tons of other artists.  I’m not a huge art fan so I’m honestly not that familiar with a lot of the paintings.  However, I still really enjoyed it and discovered several pantings that I really loved.  The architecture and gardens at the Getty are almost as amazing as the art.  There are a few different gardens with lots of flowers and plants.  There is a reflection pool/waterfall and a bunch of other stuff.  The whole building is on the edge of a mountain so it overlooks Los Angeles.  The views are amazing.  The parking lot is at the bottom of the mountain and you take a tram up to the top, which was really cool.  We saw some deer because we went right when they opened.  

          A great thing about the Getty Center is that there is no entrance fee! You do have to pay to park ($20) but if you go later in the day it costs less.  You also have to make a reservation for a specific day and time because of Covid.  Some days do fill up so be sure to check in advance if you need to go on a specific day.  


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