My Favorite Jewelry Pieces

This bracelet is by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  It’s from Nordstrom.  I bought it as soon as I heard the announcement about the end of Marc by Marc.  
          We had our first real snow yesterday and it’s cold and wet.  I don’t feel like doing an outfit post so I am going to talk about my current and all time favorite jewelry pieces.  Some of them are very inexpensive and some more expensive.  There is a wide range in quality and price but as of right now, they are all my favorites.  I also wanted to experiment with my new camera.  

These are from Topshop.  I think they are amazing.  The crystal cube on the front is super shimmery.  The glitter ball goes on the back of your ear.  

This necklace is from Etsy.  It’s a

sterling silver plated mermaid

.  I love mermaids and wanted a piece of jewelry to acknowledge that. 

These are from Forever 21.  I got them about 5 years ago and I still love them.  

I bought this Swarovski bracelet from a small boutique in Cedarburg, Wisconsin when I was in High School.  It’s by the brand Firefly.  That brand is difficult to find because it’s a small designer that pretty much only sells to boutiques in tourist areas.  I just love the color and will probably keep it forever.  I feel like it’s a work of art.  

This is my engagement ring.  Of course it has to be a forever favorite.  I genuinely think it is the prettiest ring I have ever seen.  It’s faceted opal with diamond accents and rose gold.  

I got this necklace in Michigan last summer.  Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit.  It doesn’t matter to me that this isn’t my home state.  I just love Michigan.  

The earrings on the left are opals from Mexico.  I got them a few years ago when I was there with my fiancé.  Opals are my favorite stone and also my birthstone.  
This ring is rose gold and moonstone from this

Etsy shop

.  I love moonstone as well.  It is another one of my favorite stones.  

This Scorpio necklace

is from Target.  I got it a few years ago, but it’s still for sale.  I am really in to zodiac signs and was looking for a while for the perfect Scorpio necklace.  I just love how this is on a coin shaped charm.  

I recently got this

rose gold “A” necklace

from LC Lauren Conrad.  I just love how delicate it is.  I’m also obsessed with rose gold.  I had the same one in gold a few years ago but all of the gold coating came off of it so I got a new one to replace it.  

These earrings were a Christmas present.  The were from Macy’s.  I just love how sparkly and classy they are.  

These earrings

are new, from LC Lauren Conrad.  I think they are beautiful as well.  They are cubic zirconia so they are super sparkly.  There is a matching ring for sale that I don’t own.  LC Lauren Conrad is honestly one of my favorite affordable jewelry brands.  

I picked up this handmade ring when I was in Key West.  It’s a rose gold starfish.  I just love the simplicity of it.  It’s really fun for me to buy jewelry as souvenirs from places.  It feels like you are just wearing a little piece of that place wherever you go.  


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