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My Favorite Things at Yellowstone N.P.

Steamboat Geyser

Steamboat Geyser

          The Steamboat Geyser was probably my number one favorite thing that I saw at Yellowstone.  It doesn’t erupt at predictable times, like Old Faithful.  You have to get lucky with the timing.  Sometimes it goes years without erupting but it has been happening more frequently lately.  We were lucky enough to be driving past when it was happening.  We heard it from super far away and wanted to check it out.  You could also see it shooting into the sky from the road.  when you get up to it, it is incredibly loud and powerful.  The speed at which the steam was coming out was shocking.  The power of it was what made it my favorite thing and a must see.  

Mammoth Hot Springs

mammoth hot springs

          Mammoth Hot Springs were my second favorite thing.  I didn’t mean to put these in order of “favorites,” it just happened.  I think the different layers and levels of volcanic liquid are really cool. I’m not sure what they are made of honestly but they look super cool.  Also, the colors from the different minerals look so insane.  This is inconveniently far north in the park but it’s definitely worth the drive.  When I went, the north entrance was still closed.  Even though this was the last thing we saw for the day we still had to drive back down to the west entrance to leave.  Keep that in mind if you go soon.  

The Mud Volcano

mud volcano

          The Mud Volcano was really cool as well.  I’d never heard of it before visiting Yellowstone and looking at the map.  Actually, my husband found it and wanted to check it out.  I’m glad we had time to squeeze it in.  The steam comes out of the hole in the side of a mountain.  There are also waves that are formed from the power.  I was definitely worth a stop and didn’t take long to see.  

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


          This is one of the more popular things to see at the park.  It’s a super tall waterfall and canyon.  There is an Upper Fall and a Lower Fall.  Both are really beautiful.  There are several different view points for both.  In my photos and in real life this place looks like a painting.  It’s amazing.  

Some other photos

hot spring
old faithful

          These last photos are of random things.  The first three are of the area near the Grand Prismatic Spring.  That was something that I was really looking forward to seeing but there was so much steam I couldn’t see it very well.  The fourth photo is Old Faithful.  That erupted at the exact time the visitors center predicted.  I was so surprised.  The next photo is just of one of the Inns in the park.  I like how it looks.  It kind of looks Swiss to me.  Next, is one of the many rainbows that we saw when we were there.  Lastly, these hot springs were at West Thumb Basin.  We spent a little over a full day at Yellowstone National Park and I thing it was enough time to see most of what we wanted.  More time would have been better.  We didn’t do any hikes because we brought our dogs and had to see a few things separately.  It was an amazing park and exceeded my expectations.  


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