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My Plant Collection

Aloe: This one is doing pretty well but it does loose a leaf every once in a while.  

Bamboo: This bamboo has changed very little since I got it.  It may have gotten slightly bigger but I’m not even sure.  The leaves will get a little brown on the ends.  

 Polka-Dot-Plant: This one looked totally different when I first got it.  The leaves were very pink.  A bunch of them fell off and it started to grow longer and more like a vine.  I’m not really sure if it’s happy or not. 

Lily: I think this is a peace lily but I’m not 100% sure.  It lost all of it’s flowers right away and hasn’t grown any new ones.  It almost died at my old apartment because I watered it too much.  I managed to save it and now it is doing better.  It always does a good job of showing me when it needs water.  the leaves will lay flat and get really wilted.  I really need to dust the leaves off. 

 Neanthebella: This is one of my newer plants but it is doing pretty well.  If it dies, I’d buy another because it’s easy to care for and I really like how it looks.  

Sarah the Monstera: This is my giant Monstera.  It’s my favorite plant because it’s just so massive and tropical looking.  It has never really had much of an issue until I moved.  I had it in the living room and it wasn’t getting enough light.  I recently moved it into the bedroom and it seems to be doing better.  Some of the leaves will occasionally turn brown.  Overall I am surprised that I managed to keep it alive.  It’s hasn’t been very hard.  
          I have always been a plant lover, even though it may not seem like it.  I don’t have a ton of plants but I live in a one bedroom apartment so it’s hard to find space.  Also, I’ve had quite a few die recently.  I am not amazing or terrible with plants.  I do kill them sometimes but I have managed to keep quite a few alive.  It’s difficult because the lighting in my apartment isn’t the best.  I just love how plants feel when they are indoor.  I kind of feel like a room isn’t complete unless it has a plant.  When I have a house I hope to have a huge garden with flowers and vegetables. When I was younger I wanted my entire house to be like a greenhouse and I thought I would live in a treehouse (indoor), with bridges and rope ladders.  Clearly, a bit unrealistic.  I guess it’s still possible but not really what I  still want.  I’ve decided to share what houseplants I currently have just because I like to talk about them.  Also, I can always use advice if you are really good with them.  One thing I need to get better at is remembering what they are called and actually researching how to care for each one.  

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