My Wedding Dress + Accessories


Local Eclectic |  BRACELET: Etsy (wouldn’t recommend)

          I never got a chance to share what I wore for our wedding.  I just wanted to do a little post that was specifically about my dress and accessories.  If you never saw photos from our ceremony or reception, check those out.  It took me a while to decide what to wear but I immediately knew the style I wanted to go for.  Every aspect felt very “me.”  

          As you may know, I made my dress myself.  I couldn’t find one that was perfect and affordable.  Also, since I studied fashion design, I felt like it was appropriate.  I always wanted a dress by an amazing designer but since they are too expensive, designing it myself seemed like the second best option.  I wanted something less traditional.  I wanted some color.  The tulle underneath the dotted mesh is a light pink/lilac color.  It’s just a hint and you can really only tell in certain lighting.  I also have some colorful flowers and rhinestones on the bodice.  I knew I wanted some sort of 3-D flowers because I love flowers.  
          As for my accessories, I didn’t want to over-accessorize.  I didn’t wear a necklace because my bodice is so busy.  I really wanted a rose gold hair piece and I found the perfect one on Amazon.  The earrings are pretty much exactly what I was looking for as well.  I wanted all rose gold accessories.  I had the bracelet made on Etsy but it tarnished almost immediately.  I don’t recommend that Etsy shop.    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty annoyed about it.  I bought this wedding band from Local Eclectic.  it’s not the one that goes with my engagement ring but it fits really well.  I plan on getting the one that goes with my ring soon, weddings are just expensive.  


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