Naipo Travel Pillow

          I decided to do a review of this travel pillow because my blog is primarily about fashion with a little travel.  Travel is my number one passion but I don’t get to do it as much as I would like.  I have been on the lookout for a good travel pillow for a few years.  I am one of those people that has trouble sleeping in planes and cars unless I am completely comfortable.  The one I used to use is inflatable and it’s terrible because as soon as I put it on it pops right off.  There is no tie around the neck to keep it on.  I love how this one has an adjustable clip.  
          I can genuinely say that I love this pillow.  It’s very firm, yet soft.  It’s made from memory foam with a bumpy gel coating on top.  The gel is meant to cool you down.  Not sure how well that works but it can’t hurt to have it.  I don’t know how the price of this one differs to others on the market but it seems pretty comparable.  I am hoping to go to Europe in the near future.  I am excited to take it along.  It also conveniently comes with this pouch.  You can keep it inside and hang it off the handle of your suitcase.  I would recommend this item. 

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