Neutral Bags from Omgnb.com

          I’m always on the hunt for cute neutral colored bags.  They looks so clean and sleek, and go with everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I love colors too.  Neutral bags are just more of a wardrobe staple.  I have selected some of my favorites from omgnb.com.  They are all very affordable too.  
          The first one that I am showing you is this studded backpack.  I am really into backpacks at the moment because I think they are super convenient and refreshing.  I love how this one looks.  I really just like everything about it.  The little dot studs are fun.  
          The next bag is this black one.  It’s another studded bag.  I guess I am just loving studs at the moment.  This one just looks like it would be expensive, but it isn’t.  They also have it in several different colors.  I like most of the other colors but this black one would go with the most.  It’s just perfect for winter.  
          The third bag is an very unusual shape.  I love how unique it looks.  It’s also the prettiest shade of grey.  It kind of reminds me of the shape of some popular designer bags.  I can’t pinpoint exactly which designers I am thinking of but maybe you know what I mean.  This one also comes in multiple colors.  
          White is a good color bag to have.  I have a few white bags and I use them all the time.  They are good to wear with lighter colors, when you don’t have a bag that really matches.  This one is small and cute.  It seems like it would be perfect to just carry around your money and a cell phone.  It seems perfect for a night out.  I have some similar bags and I love them.  
          Omgnb.com has a large variety of items to shop.  Aside from purses, they also have shoes, beauty products, and intimates.  They are all affordably priced.  There are several pairs of shoes that I love too.  Be sure to check out that category if you have time.  


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