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New Home Decor: Part 3

Plant Pot: Goodwill (from Target originally) & Teapot: Disneyland 

Coasters: Anthropologie (gift) 

Sugar Dish: Anthropologie (gift) 

 Sign: Walmart 

 Spoon Rest: Anthropologie (gift)

 Salt and Petter Shakers: Anthropologie (gift)

 Candle: Gift

 Diamond Planter: T.J. Maxx

Prints and Frames: Ikea

          I haven’t shared my new home decor in a while so I decided to do a part 3 to the two other posts I have made.  I’ve had some of this stuff for a while and other things I got more recently or for our wedding.  I have linked everything that is still available but some items may be in store.  All of the items from Anthropologie were on our wedding registry.  I love everything from Anthropologie and the style fits really well with our apartment decor.  It’s one of my favorite stores for sure.  The first plant pot came from Goodwill.  We just stopped by a Goodwill and wanted to see what they had and I only found this for $1.  I got the teapot when we decided to go to Downtown Disney and had to pay $20 for parking.  You could get your parking validated if you bought something so I got this amazing teapot.  I feel like this is one of those things that I will always hold onto.  The wall sign that says “Bloom” is from Walmart.  I got it last spring as a seasonal decor item.  I am planning on swapping it our for something more fall-esque.  The peach candle came from my sister when she came to visit.  I found this cute diamond shaped succulent planter at T.J. Maxx.  I love the way it looks iridescent.  The prints were on sale at Ikea, so I decided to get them.  I forgot how much they were.  The frames are also from Ikea.  I’d say our apartment is fully furnished at this point but I still like to buy new items from time to time.  


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