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New Home Decor: Part 4


          I found this swan planter at the drug store.  It was on sale and I couldn’t pass it up because it’s so cute!  I really didn’t need it, just wanted it. 


          I saw this online at Target and thought it would be so perfect to hang near the door.  We hang our keys and Luca’s (my dog) leash and harness on it.  It’s really cute and convenient.  

BASKET: Home Goods

          I really needed something to hold all of Luca’s toys.  I wanted a basket but something that he wouldn’t just shred.  I was afraid to get the wicker kind.  This one is made of fabric.  It works really well but his toy collection is expanding too fast.  

          We just got a new couch because the old one was tiny.  It could hardly fit two people.  It used to fit under my loft bed.  This one is much larger, almost full size.  It also folds down into a twin size bed.  It’s really nice to just lay on when you are watching movies or something.  It’s super firm but I love it anyway.  If you don’t like firm couches I would not recommend it.  I was trying to decide between a light mint couch and light pink but I chose the pink because it was much easier to find a matching rug.  If you are wondering, my husband didn’t mind.  He actually liked the pink couch better.  I found these two pillows that match the rug really well.  I love the style.  I wanted a few more throw pillows just because the couch is so firm, you really need them.  

RUG: Target


          I spent so long looking for the perfect area rug.  I need one because my couch makes marks on the floor and I live in a rental.  Also, it’s more cozy to walk on.  This beauty is from Target.  They have the same one in a variety of shapes and colors and I love them all.  It was honestly a really good price for the quality and style.  Basically, I’m obsessed with it.  If I had a bigger space I would get more.  



          I had also been hunting for a duvet cover for the longest time.  I bought the previous one 8 years ago, so I was ready for something different.  I wanted a white textured one.  I had a different one in mind from Wayfair but it sold out and I don’t know if they will restock it because it’s been a while.  Also, it’s twice as expensive.  I’m hoping to accumulate a ton of colorful throw pillows over time.  The look I am going for is very eclectic and textured.  I want lots of color and texture but in a way that fits together.  


          I was really struggling to find throw pillows like pretty much every other thing in this post.  I came across this one today and had to snag it.  I love the color and it’s just what I was looking for.  It was pretty affordable as well ($16).  

CURTAINS: Ikea |  ROD: Walmart

          I scooped up these curtains last time I went to Ikea, before I even moved from Long Beach.  I thought they would come in handy.  I really don’t need them but I hate the way blinds look.  The blinds came with the apartment so I can’t take them down.  There are also some little gaps sometimes so the curtains help to cover those a bit.  The rod is from Walmart.  I was looking for a gold one but couldn’t find an affordable one.  I just settled for this one.  

MAGNETS: Home Goods

          I needed some magnets to hang things on the refrigerator.  I really liked these.  

MUG: Anthropologie


          Anthropologie is my favorite place to get coffee mugs.  I have a bit of an obsession with cute mugs. I have so many! I love this one because of the color and design.  It also feels really solid.  I was shopping in the store a few weeks ago after it opened back up and found it on sale.  There is a location about 10 minutes from my apartment and I didn’t really get to take advantage of that before things shut down for Covid.  

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  • the creation of beauty is art.

    That wall hook is such a beautiful piece! I absolutely love it.
    the creation of beauty is art.

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