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New Home Decor: Part 5

PILLOWS: World Market (may be available in stores, sold out online)
I originally only bought one of these for the bed but I decided I like it better on the couch so I got another one.  They are too big for the bed and match the living room rug better.  

LARGE BASKET: Ikea (available in store)  |  3 SET: Ikea

I got this larger basket to put plastic bags in and the smaller one has protein bars.  The smaller basket came in a set of three.  The other two are below.  

 SCRATCH MAP: Waypoint Wanders |  PICTURE FRAME: Target

I’ve been wanting a scratch map for many years and decided to get this one during quarantine because it’s exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted a world map that still has the U.S. states divided up so I can keep track of those.  I like how it’s gold and the design is colorful floral.  It’s almost perfect but it is missing some small countries and islands.  I plan to just draw them on if I visit them. 

LAMP SHADE: World Market

I bought this shade for the living room because I wanted the large one from Ikea but it was sold out for several months.  This one was a temporary place holder.  I ended up painting it with watered-down white paint and sewing some homemade tassels on.  The color was too dark and it looked too harsh in the room with my other decor.  

PUMPKIN: Target (dollar spot)


 Medium one from set of 3Smallest one from set of 3


FLORAL PAINTING: Hobby Lobby (was only $1.30)
          I’m back with another home decor post because I have accumulated more home items somewhat recently.  I haven’t posted in a while because I was out of town for a few days and have been working on figuring some things out.  I have decided to switch my blog over to WordPress, from Blogger so I won’t be sharing about my trip on this blog.  I am hoping to transfer all of my posts to the new blog but it will be a long process and I don’t know how easy it will be.  I went to Utah for Labor Day weekend and all of the posts from that trip will be going up on the new blog.  I will have another post with more info in a few days.  My new post will explain the reason I am making the switch.  Hopefully it isn’t too complicated and I can get to blogging right away.  This is the plan right now anyway, I might change my mind though.  I’m very indecisive.  






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