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New Home Decor

I have been lusting over this beautiful bench from Target.  I finally got it.  I had to go to a couple of different Targets to find it in stock.  

This mirror is from the dollar spot in Target.

These salt and pepper shakers are also from Target.

These are from Miniso.  I had never been in this store before but it has some pretty cool things.  These were very inexpensive too!

I found these Rifle Paper Co. coasters in the Goodwill in Huntington.  They are so pretty and they hadn’t even been opened.  

These flamingo measuring cups are from Hobby Lobby.  I have a very real obsession with flamingos. 

We originally got a pink bath mat from Ikea but quickly replaced it with this one from Target.  The other one was too small, so we put it under our loft ladder.  

I’ve been wanting this rolling pin for a while.  It’s from Target and it was on sale so I finally bought it.  It’s really nice because it’s marble or granite (I can’t tell) so you don’t have to push very hard.  

I found these in Homegoods.  They were only $1 each.  

My fiancĂ© bought this llama for me for Valentines Day.  I have been wanting one like it because I think they are adorable.  

          Since moving to Los Angeles I have been shopping around, trying to fill my apartment with furniture and decor.  I brought a lot of my old decor from home but I need all new furniture and kitchen utensils.  I still have a ton of stuff I need to buy but I am having trouble finding affordable things that I actually like.  Your best bet for saving on home decor is looking for stores and resources that offer year-round deals, such as Furniture.com’s Under $100 Collection.  I am still job hunting so I can’t spend all my savings instantly.  I am planning on doing a part 2 of this post when I buy more items.  


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