pomeranian puppy

New Pomeranian Puppy!

pomeranian puppy

          About 3 weeks ago me and my husband decided to bring a new Pomeranian puppy into the family.  We have one other dog, also a Pomeranian.  We had been wanting another dog basically since we got our first dog.  He hates being alone and we wanted a little friend for him. We both love Pomeranians.  They are such cute, spunky, and smart dogs.  They are just so adorable.  There are so many perks to having small dogs.  I grew up with big dogs and didn’t really realize how amazing it is to have a small one.  

          We named our puppy Stella.  She is black with a little patch of white and she just reminds us of the night sky.  Stella means star.  She is around 13 weeks old right now.  She has the goofiest personality.  She is so clumsy and is always chasing her tail or rolling around on the ground.  She love to chew on fluff and always has some sticking out of her mouth.  It’s the strangest/cutest thing.  She loves to lick us and my other dog.  She will just walk past one of us and give us a sneaky lick.  She is so cute.  I’m excited to see my pups grow together.  

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