New Ring

          I recently got this new ring as a sort of “back up” engagement ring.  My actual engagement ring is opal, which is a very delicate stone.  Opals are precious but absorb liquids and scratch easily.  I knew this all along and am incredibly happy to have one since they are my absolute favorite stones.  However, I needed something to wear to places like certain work shifts and the beach.  This one is rose gold and quarts.  I bought it from an Etsy shop called Holy Land Jewelry.  Their jewelry is made with real stones and metal.  It’s a super affordable shop, I think because it’s located in Israel (maybe with the exchange rate).  This isn’t the first piece of jewelry I bought from this shop.  I got a ring as my first blogging gift to myself as well.  I’ve been really happy with my purchases and just wanted to share about the shop.  It’s hard to find cheap, unique, and pretty jewelry.  Check it out!


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