New Year’s Eve in Disneyland

Top: Forever 21   |  Cardigan: Boohoo  |  Shoes: Target  |  Necklace: Christmas Present  |  Backpack: Vera Wang
I just got back from a trip to California with my boyfriend.  Our first stop was Disneyland!  We decided to go for New Year’s Eve.  It was also our 6 year anniversary, so it was the perfect thing to do.  I have never been to Disneyland before.  I have been to Disney World a few times, though.  I wanted to see how different the two are from each other.  I didn’t expect to like Disneyland as much as I did, but we had a really good time.  I was also impressed with the fireworks display and how the castle was lit up.  I just wore this t-shirt that I got for Christmas, with this cardigan, and some jeans.  I had planned on wearing a romper but unfortunately it was too chilly.  


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