Nip + Fab and Rodial Review

          Hey guys! ? This next post is a product review.  I was sent a few items to review from Nip + Fab and Rodial, so I am going to quickly do that for you.  
-I will start with the Rodial product which is the Smokey Eye Pen.  First off, I’m not an expert at makeup but I can get by.  I really love this product because it’s very smooth and dark.  You can use it as sort of an eye shadow or eyeliner.  It’s really easy to use and stays on all day.  It’s a regular pencil but that makes it easy to apply because you can decide exactly where you want it to go instead of using a brush.  
-The Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads were really nice.  They do a nice job of cleansing your face and really get off all of the grime.  The leave your skin with a nice glow.  The only thing I would add is that there is a lot of liquid, so they are a little too wet for my liking.  I think they work just as they should though.  
-The Cellulite Fix gel honestly seemed like it helped after one use.  I feel like I could tell the a real difference after just a few applications.  I don’t really have a lot of cellulite thought, so it is hard to know if this product will be right for you.  I did read some other reviews and they all say good things.  
-The Viper Venim Micro Blur Fix is amazing.  You can actually feel it tightening you face and closing your pores.  It leaves you with very smooth looking skin.  I don’t use it too often because I don’t really feel like I need it because my pores are already pretty small.  It does actually work though.  
-The Nip + Fab Bust Fix seem to work somewhat.  I did only try it two times and decided I don’t really want a fuller looking chest.  It’s meant to make your chest look tighter and perkier.  I also read a lot of other reviews on this product and found that it seems to work well if you use it for a while every day.  I was too scared to give it a full length try. 


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