Panama City Beach, Florida

BLUE LACE-UP TOP: Forever 21
SANDALS: Forever 21
DRESS: Souvenir

          It seems like I went to Florida so long ago!  It was two weeks ago, but this is the last blog post from my trip.  This post just consists of some of the extra pictures that I couldn’t fit in the other blog posts.  The first six pictures are from the first hotel we stayed in for the first night, Beachcomber.  It had a really great location and a pretty nice pool and beach.  Overall, I would go back there if I got a good price.  The rest of the week we stayed at a condo that was right on the beach too.  This condo was much nicer, but had a smaller pool.  Like I said, the weather wasn’t very nice while we were there most of the time.  It rained a little bit almost every day.  There were also big waves in the ocean so the water was closed for swimming.  Four people drowned because of the huge waves.  

          We rented a boat on the last day and took it to Shell Island.  It was the best part of the trip for sure because the weather was so nice.  We saw a few dolphins, which is always exciting.  The Island is part of a State Park, so there is nothing on the island.  It’s uninhabited and natural.  The beaches were so white and amazing.  The last few pictures are from the part of the island that is opposite ocean.  There are literally thousands of fiddler crabs.  It was so crazy! As you walk toward them they would run in all directions.  It was really funny, and kind of creepy.

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