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          For the past year I have been having a lot of issues with my skin.  I don’t get acne for the most part but I will get a few little rash bumps on various parts of my face.  I couldn’t get it to go away for the longest time.  I did a lot of research online and realized that it could be due to the parabens in the products that I use.  There have been some studies done that say that parabens are bad for you and may cause cancer.  I haven’t read much about that but I try to avoid them because they are a steroid that messes with your natural hormone levels.  They are put in products to preserve them and prevent bacteria growth.  I’m not saying you should avoid them because there hasn’t been enough proof that they do in fact cause cancer but if you are like me and get a rash near your chin or mouth, this may be the cause.  I decided to go out and buy all new products to test out my theory.  I am reviewing everything I bought.  Of course I am no medical expert and I’m not a scientist but this is the information that I have gathered from reading about parabens online.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about something.  I bought all of these products from Target, Meijer, and T.J. Maxx.  
PHYSICIANS FORMULA BB CREAM: This product instantly burned when I put it on.  It has really good coverage for a BB cream, but I couldn’t stand the burning.  I will be testing it one more time and it it burns, I’m giving it away.  
PHYSICIANS FORMULA MARCARA: This came very dried out.  I don’t like the shape of the brush and the formula is super dry.  I am not a fan of this product and probably will not be buying anything else from Physicians Formula.  
PIXI x ASPYN OVARD BLUSH: I absolutley love this blush.  It is such a pretty color and has a shimmer to it that kind of acts as a highlight.  I have been using it everyday and have hardly made a dent in it.  I love Aspyn and watch all of her YouTube videos, but that’s not why I bought this.  I bought it because I felt like it was the best option for blush by Pixi.  Pixi is the only brand of cosmetics that is paraben free that Target had (that I could find).  
PIXI UNDERCOVER CRAYON:  Like I said, I couldn’t really find any cosmetic products that are affordable and paraben free except Pixi.  I decided to try out the Undercover Crayon and I really like it.  It’s a bit too thick and hard to spread and blend, but it has really good coverage.  I need good coverage because I have THE WORLD”S WORST under-eye circles. 
ST IVES BODYWASH: This is a pretty typical body wash except it isn’t very satisfying to use.  It just doesn’t lather very well.  I may buy it again in the future, just because it is so hard to find paraben free products.  
BUBBLE CHARM CUP OF TEA BODY WASH: I’m not sure what the brand of this is but I got it from T.J. Maxx for like $1.  Honestly, that packaging is what drew me in.  It’s just so pretty.  I am going to Europe in a couple of months and wanted a travel sized body wash that doesn’t have parabens.  This doesn’t smell as good as I thought but it is a pretty good body wash.  
HASK COCONUT OIL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: These smell really good and I am very happy with them for the most part.  The shampoo doesn’t lather very well and you need a lot of conditioner to make your hair feel soft.  
GARNIER WHOLE BLENDS CONDITIONER: I actually bought this way before trying to buy paraben free products.  I just noticed that it happens to be paraben free.  I love this product.  They have a few scents to choose from and the matching shampoos.  I think this will be my new go-to shampoo and conditioner.  It’s also pretty affordable.  
FREEMAN CHARCOAL AND BLACK SUGAR MASK: This is another product that I previously had.  I am obsessed with this mask.  It makes your face feel super smooth and clean.  I am planning on buying another one when this one is gone.  It’s just so good!
BLISS BODY WASH AND BUBBLE BATH: I have been using this as a bubble bath because I have other body wash to use.  It smells pretty good but the bubbles don’t last very long.  It’s alright overall. As body wash it doesn’t lather too well.  I feel like paraben free products just don’t lather as well as products with parabens.  That’s something that I am okay with though.  
HANG TEN SUNSCREEN: This sunscreen works really well but doesn’t smell very good.  It’s mostly made of plant materials and I am pleasantly surprised with it’s ability to block the suns bad rays.  I think this will be my go-to sunscreen.  
BURTS BEES SENSITIVE FACIAL CLEANSER: This stuff is pretty expensive but I love how it feels on your skin.  It’s super moisturizing, gentle, and feels clean.  I would recommend it if you can spend a lot on facial cleanser.  

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