Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont

             Welcome to Parc Des Buttes-Charmont, the most surreal city park!  This park is located in Paris.  I had never heard of it before, until about a week until our trip.  I was watching YouTube videos about what to do in Paris and I found that somebody recommended it in the comments.  I looked it up and decided it was worth a visit.  It’s like a beautiful fairytale situation in the middle of parisian buildings.  It’s so strange and kind of feels like a Disney World ride.  It’s actually a really large park with a big hill, paths, bridges, a waterfall, a lake, a mountain, a cave, and palm trees.  The main area has a huge rocky mountain with paths that lead up.  There is a little stone gazebo at the top, designed to look like the Temple of Vesta in Italy.  It has amazing views of the city and Sacre Coeur.  There is also a huge cave behind it with a waterfall running through it and down to the water.  It is just a really interesting park and I’m really glad that I went.  I’m not positive but I think a lot of the elements are man made, but are still really old.


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