Pearl By Georgina Chapman of Marchesa: Dress-up Session

Today I went to JC Penny
to try on some of the new Pearl dresses that came out not too long ago.  I
was really excited when I heard about this collection because Marchesa is my
absolute favorite designer brand.  The dresses are inexpensive, compared
to normal Marchesa dresses, and still have many of the same aspects.  I
don’t have any occasions to wear one of these dresses to so I didn’t buy one,
but they are very pretty.  I was actually really surprised at how many of
them are still left in the store. I will probably go back in a few weeks when
they are marked down and buy one.  Some of them are already marked down
but I was unable to find my size. My impression of these dresses was about what
I expected.  They are beautiful and intricate.

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