Pink Ice

TOP: Rosegal | JEANS: Blue Spice | WATCH: Rosegal | BOOTS: Kohl’s | PURSE: H&M
          Last Sunday I went out to work on this blog post.  We found a spot on the trail that my boyfriend runs on.  It’s really pretty, kind of between the woods and the sand dunes.  The trail was covered in ice.  After taking these pictures I literally got out my ice-skates and skated along the trail.  I just happened to have them in the trunk of my car! It was a really fun end to the weekend!
          This sweatshirt is from Rosegal.  I love it so much.  I am actually wearing it as I write this post.   I have been drawn to pink lately.  It’s currently one of my favorite colors.  I have been hearing a lot of bloggers say that too.  I guess it’s just one of the popular colors in fashion right now.  This watch is also from Rosegal.  I love the image on it.  It’s basically a colorful collection of abstract animals and plants.  One thing that was really annoying about it is that when I got it, the battery was basically already dead.  Now I need to have the battery replaced.  


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