newport beach sculpture park
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Pink Sheer Floral Top

newport beach sculpture park
under tree
hair clips
sheer top

TOP: Blossom Brigade  |  PANTS: H&M  |  SHOES: Lulu’s  |  BAG: Forever 21  |  RESIN HAIR CLIP: Dollar Tree  |  BEADED BOBBY PIN: H&M (available in store, on sale)

          This beautiful top is new to my store, Blossom Brigade.  It’s self-drafted, and hand sewn.  I fully designed and made it myself.  I fell in love with the fabric and instantly wanted to make a little mock-neck top.  I originally wanted it to be long sleeve but it took a while to make the pattern and I thought it would be better to make it short sleeved.  This one is for me, and just the sample.  It is made to order.  There is also a matching hair scrunchie available.  I chose to style it with these two hair clips instead though.  My hair is having a weird day today.  I am wearing my new beige mom jeans with this top because I am getting so tired of jeans.  I got these recently from H&M.  I did have to alter them but I love the style.  I also ordered some green ones but I got those in a larger size and had to send them back.  They were out of my size.  I think they may be out of the beige but there are some other colors.  They were super affordable.  

          My husband and I spend the day in Newport Beach.  I wanted to check out this sculpture garden and go shopping.  Although this garden is under construction, it’s really cool.  It’s called the Civic Center Park.  There is also a little dog park nearby that we went to.  We went shopping at Fashion Island shopping mall.  It is one of my favorite malls because it’s really nice and is all outdoor.  It is home to my favorite Anthropologie location, so I wanted to stop by and look around.  We also went to Le Pain Quotidien.  We went to some locations in Europe and I really wanted to check out one in the U.S.  This one was more expensive but I did get a free espresso shot (not sure why).  I definitely can’t complain.  


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