Prom Season with Formal Dress Australia

Sadly, I never went to any of my proms in High School.  Everybody said I would regret it, but it was too awkward, and too much effort.  I must say that I do regret it a bit because as you get older you realize that there are very few formal events in life.  I thought that I’d have plenty occasions to wear a fancy dress, so I didn’t really care.  My senior year I was camping during prom.  My parents didn’t give me enough money to get a dress that I actually liked so I didn’t even try.  For me, it is really only about the dress.  There were a lot less places to find a pretty, affordable dress when I was of prom age (10-11 years ago).  

I know it’s coming up on prom season for many of you guys out there.  If you haven’t got your dress yet you can find a beautiful one from Formal Dress Australia, for my Australian readers.  They ship to a few other countries as well, including America.  If you are from Adelaide, check out Formal Dresses Adelaide.

Do you notice a trend in all of these dresses that I have selected? I really love dresses with lots of flow-y volume.  Many of them are made out of varieties of tulle.  I also love a lot of embellishment, which is not surprising.  I think all of these dresses are super pretty.  One great thing about them is that many come in a variety of colors.  I think the blue one is my favorite.  

*In collaboration with Formal Dress Australia*


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