Zaful Purple Choker Sweater

JEANS: Blue Spice
BOOTS: Kohl’s
COAT: Forever 21
          As you can tell, it snowed where I live.  This was the first snow of the year! The first snow is always exciting but I’m getting really tired of living where the weather gets freezing.  Sorry for my awkward expression.  It’s cold.
          I wore this new sweater from Zaful.  It’s the prettiest color purple.  I have been looking for a purple sweater for a while, then found this one.  I honestly love how this sweater fits.  There aren’t any issues anywhere and it doesn’t seem cheap.  I was honestly really surprised.  The choker portion is super cool as well.  The zippers on the arms are just for fun.  They just reveal my elbows (lol).  You can check out Zaful’s Instagram page too.

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