Rainbow Horses

Discovering new places nearby is always exciting.  I often drive past this park near my house and finally stopped.  It is surprisingly peaceful, for having roads on both sides of it.  The moon and sun were out at the same time, like many days, but I have never taken a picture of it before.  I got lucky because there were several hot air balloons in the sky and one flew right near the moon.  Today I wore my rainbow horse top from H&M.  My scalloped shorts are from Akira Chicago.  I am obsessed with scalloped edges on clothing.  My sandals are Forever 21.  My elephant necklace is also Forever 21.  An elephant on clothing or accessories will snatch up my heart instantly, they are my favorite animal.  My bangle bracelets are from various places, and my sunnies are Mudd (surprisingly).  My purse is Asos, but it doesn’t really go too well with my outfit, so ignore it.

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