standing by red flowers

Rainbow Tie-Dye Romper

standing by red flowers
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ROMPER: Good Luck Gem (Nordstrom Rack)  |  SANDALS: Shade & Shore  |  BAG: Primark  |  EARRINGS: Primark 

          This beautiful colorful tie-dye romper is from Nordstrom Rack.  When I first saw it I overlooked it because for whatever reason I though it looked kind of childish. After returning to Nordstrom and coming across it a second time I realized how beautiful the colors are.  I think it has more of a “cool girl” look, not so much childish.  Not saying I’m a “cool girl”, just that I think it would look good on one, haha.  The quality is just so nice.  It’s ridiculously soft and the silhouette is very flattering.  

          This is actually the last thing that I bought from Nordstrom with my employee discount.  I recently got a new job.  I used to work for the  Nordstrom Rack HQ photo studio.  That’s where the photos are taken for the website.  I don’t think I ever talked about that job on my blog.  It was a really fun job, being a part of the “behind the scenes” for Nordstrom.  My position was sample coordinator.  I quit that job because I finally found a job as a fashion designer.  I will probably do a whole post about about that because it’s a pretty big deal to me.  

          When tie-dye became super trendy at the beginning of 2020 I didn’t immediately jump on the trend because I feel like it is just so overdone.  Tie-dye comes in and out of style every few years so I don’t even know why it is ever out of style.  I love tie-dye of course but only very specific designs and in the right colors.  I definitely do get sick of it though, which is the stage I was in when it became really popular again.  In college I used to wear a lot of it and do my own dying so I just needed a long break.  Right now I am really loving the dye designs that don’t have a super specific pattern.  I just love the colorful splotches as opposed to a crisp swirl or lines.  


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