Red Rock Canyon
Los Angeles

Red Rock Canyon Park, Malibu

Red Rock Canyon

          Red Rock Canyon Park is a nice park, tucked away in the mountains in Malibu.  I didn’t know it was there for several years, but recently discovered it on Google Maps.  I’m always looking for new places to hike.  What I really like about this park is the color of the rocks and how it feels out of place.  It feels kind of like you are in Utah or something.  There are so many parks around the world with the name Red Rock Canyon so I’m going to show you exactly where it is.  A lot of parks in Malibu are hard to find.  It’s Here.  I have been twice.  The first time my puppy was much younger and she couldn’t walk very far.  Naturally, we had to go back.  

          The nice thing about this park is that it’s not super popular.  The parking lot is pretty small but it’s kind of in the middle of a neighborhood that seems to be hidden.  I don’t thing a lot of people come here from outside the area.  If you come, be respectful of locals.  There is a fee to park, it’s $5.  And of course dogs are allowed.  Happy hiking! 


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