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RIHOAS Clothing Review

Rihoas top
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by the cactus

          If you remember, I recently posted a RIHOAS wishlist on my blog.  Two of the items that really stood out to me are this long sleeve top and the pink sweater.  I chose to wear this floral see-through top to a botanical garden recently.  It was a chilly day but also sunny.  I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t be too hot or too cold in.  This was perfect.  I originally got this for layering underneath cardigans and sweater vests.  I also have a skirt that I got for my birthday that I think this top would go perfectly with.  It’s a rusty colored velvet.  The cream would match it really well.  I haven’t been able to wear the two together yet because it hasn’t been warm enough yet.  

          I love the look of this top.  It’s super feminine and delicate.  The fabric is beautiful.  It’s a little bit sheer but not too see-through. I really love the lace trim around the sleeves and neckline.  It adds a little extra to the already pretty fabric.  The design is kind of a floral cut-out.  It’s like lace but not quite.  As far as the fit goes, it is a bit large on me.  I was afraid it would be too big so I went with the larger option.  I got a small instead of extra small.  I think it’s meant to fit tighter.  I still really like it though.  I may alter it slightly.  I will probably just bring the sleeves and sides in a tiny bit.  

rainbow wall

          The other item that I chose it this half sleeve cardigan. It immediately stood out to me because of the 3-D flowers that are embroidered.  I feel like this top is just super cute and perfect for spring.  It’s not too thick so you can wear it when the weather warms up.  I like the look of it buttoned all the way up because it has a preppy look to it.  An added detail that I really like is the matching fabric over the buttons.  I think it looks a bit more high-end.  The fit is perfect on me.  I wouldn’t change anything about that. The quality feels pretty nice.  I’m really hoping that the embroidered flowers stay intact over time.  I’m excited to wear this more this spring.  I’ve already worn it several times.  


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