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fruit set

          I’ve been exploring RIHOAS recently and have come across so many amazing items.  There is just so many beautiful things on this site.  A lot of the clothing has that kind of romantic, whimsical look that I love.  My style is super feminine and so are a lot of the the styles that they carry.  I can picture myself wearing a lot of these pieces in a romantic location like Italy or Paris.  If only I could go to Italy or Paris it would be perfect, haha.  

          Here are some of the items I really have my eye on.  This sage green tie strap top is beautiful.  It’s so dreamy.  I am in love with tie straps right now.  Not only are they super in-style but they are just so pretty.  I can think of a million ways that I would style this one.  Next, this vintage floral dress is exactly what I have been looking for.  I love a toile du jouy print and this dress reminds me of one.  The next top is this see-through knitted top.  The design of the knit is beautiful.  It looks super feminine and would be fun to layer with cardigans and sweater vests.  I especially love the scallops on the neckline.  Then, I have selected this half-sleeve cardigan.  What I really love about this is the embroidered flowers and little pom pom centers.  It’s very cottagecore, which I’m really into.  I like that it’s not full length sleeves because it’s great for Spring. The tow-piece lemon print set is so cute.  I am obsessed with two-piece sets.  Even though they have been in style for a while, I am still obsessed.  This one would be very fun for Summer.  It’s casual enough that you could really wear it anywhere.  I love how the print looks kind of vintage.  Lastly, this midi-skirt is super pretty.  I love long midi-skirts, the ones that are a bit longer and don’t hit at the calf.  This one looks like the perfect length and I love the print.  I am always drawn to florals.  If you are looking for some new feminine clothing, check out RIHOAS.  

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