RoseGal Co-Ord

PURSE: RoseGal
SANDALS: Forever 21
          I got this outfit in from RoseGal.com recently and am already loving them.  The top and bottom actually fit me.  I expected them to be made from chiffon, but they are a much more breathable fabric.  I ordered a size up, which was a good idea.  The outfit fits perfectly.  I recommend ordering a size up or checking specific measurements.  I got my package very quickly, and didn’t have any issues with it.  I love how the whole outfit flows together.  I chose to get a purple purse because I have been wanting one for awhile.  I like how it looks with the print on the outfit because the colors kind of mix together and appear to look purple.  Although they don’t actually match, I feel that they go together in a less traditional way.  The necklace and bracelet also go really well, and are comfortable.  RoseGal is very inexpensive, so all of these items are affordable.  You can also follow RoseGal on Instagram and Facebook.  


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