Rosegal Plus Sleepwear

          I have one more post this week about Rosegal.  This time I am talking about plus size pajamas and sleepwear.  If you haven’t read any of my other posts about Rosegal or you just don’t really know what it is, it’s an online clothing store for women.  They offer tons of options of styles and sizes of affordable trends.  You can find everything from dresses, to swimsuits, to sleepwear.  They also have jewelry and accessories.  They are all very inexpensive for people who are on a tight budget or just want to save some money.  

         Within the category of sleepwear there is undergarments.  There are several options of colors of underwear, just click for more.  They look nice and there is a print within the lace.  There are different options of print in addition to color.  Rosegal has a bunch of satin robes that you can wear for sleeping as well.  They are all very pretty.  I feel like it may be difficult to find these in plus size anywhere else because I have never seen them.  I know they are very popular, i’ve just never seen them in plus size.  I think that the pink floral one is the prettiest because it’s such a pretty color and print.  Floral is literally my weakness.  I am always drawn to it so of course it is my favorite.  This blue one is my second favorite because the color is so vibrant.  It’s also a very unique print.  I’ve never seen a satin robe like it before.  You can see more details for both of those and more options.  You could probably even use these robes for bridesmaids for a wedding.  I’ve seen a lot of brides choosing floral satin robes for getting ready.  I don’t know if they have plus size but you can find them here.  In addition to underwear, pajamas, and robes there are a few options of lingerie.  There aren’t too many to choose from but this pink one looks nice.  I really like the color.  If you aren’t a fan of that you you can view more.

          Sleepwear can get extremely expensive.  These are all pretty affordable.  I have recently been looking for some new items myself and I can’t imagine paying the amount that a lot of stores charge.  I can’t wear plus size, but if I could i’d probably look into some of these options.  I thought i’d just let you guys know about them because I may have some readers that are in the market for some new plus size pajamas.  


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