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          I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with Rosegal or not but I have worked with them in the past.  In this post I am going to be talking about the plus size clothing that they have.  I don’t think a lot of people know that they do plus.  Also, I know it can be hard to find plus size clothing because many stores don’t carry it.  Over the years I’ve heard from various people that it can be difficult to find plus size fashion trends.
          There are a ton of plus size tops here.  They are all different types.  They range from super casual to pretty dressy.  Some are more trendy than others but a lot of people don’t like to follow trends.  I have selected this grey one because it’s one that I particularly like.  I am a huge fan of grey and love the lattice detail on the shoulders.  It just adds something a bit extra and it’s perfect for summer because you won’t get so hot.  This top is also a nice length where it comes down to the hips.  It looks like it would be a flattering and torso-lengthening cut.

          You can find this pair of skinny jeans on the jeans page, which you can shop now There are so many things to love about this pair.  First off, the color is beautiful.  It’s that perfect color in-between dark and light wash.  I think this color is my favorite denim color.  They are also slightly distressed but not to the point where you can’t wear them certain places.  I feel like you could wear them anywhere (not literally anywhere) if you want to dress them up.  I love the little ankle zippers too.  Not only are they a nice design detail but they make them easier to get on.  I feel like there is a common misconception about larger people not being able to wear skinny jeans.  I always hear people say “I can’t wear skinny jeans because I’m not skinny.”  They aren’t made for only skinny people and I find them to be very flattering on a curvy figure.  If you stick to wide leg jeans that only makes you look wider.  These are more leg lengthening.  However, the trick is to find a pair that fits and isn’t too tight.  

          I also wanted to highlight this pair of pants because I think they are amazing.  I love joggers (who’d have thought).  These are pleated and velvet.  They are so cool.  They are perfect for the fashion lover.  There is another page of pants that aren’t denim that you can buy now.  You can find several other awesome pairs of pants for plus size.  

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