Joshua tree national park
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Ruffled Sweater in Joshua Tree

Joshua tree national park
Path in the desert
walking my dog
Joshua trees
Boulders at joshua tree

SWEATER: Target  |   JEANS: Asos  |  SNEAKERS: Ked’s

          On Saturday we went to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs for the day.  We didn’t do much in either place, but still had a lot of fun.  I originally wanted to go to Palm Springs to take some colorful photos and visit a garden but the garden was closed.  We decided to go to Joshua Tree because it is so close and we have a National Park Pass.  It was pretty chilly but it was still nice enough to get out and walk around.  The weather in Palm Springs was amazing though (73 degrees).  Since we brought our dog, we weren’t really able to hike any trails but it was just fun to drive and make quick stops.  We have been several times in the past so it wasn’t a big deal.  In Palm Springs we went to a park, walked around, and did a little shopping.  

          I wore this new white sweater.  It’s from Target and I found it in the Clearance section.  I saw it earlier in the year but didn’t want to spend the full price on it.  I think I got it for around $12, which is really good.  I had been wanting a new cream colored sweater.  I had originally planned on wearing this in Joshua tree and then changing into a short sleeve top for Palm Springs but I got lazy.  I just wore mom jeans.  I seriously wear these jeans way too much.  I need other pant ideas because I am getting bored of jeans.  Let me know if you have any ideas. 


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