San Diego Morning

          I bought this romper to wear to Disneyland.  I decided not to wear it because I didn’t want to wear the boots the entire day.  We got there right when it opened and stayed for the New Years fireworks, so it was a really long day that required more comfortable shoes.  I love the animal print and thought it would look really cute with my Mickey ears.  I got to wear it for a couple of hours in San Diego.  I know you can’t see it that well because I had to wear a jacket.  I will probably do another post wearing it this spring.  
          After driving from Palm Springs, we spent the night in San Diego.  I hadn’t been there since around early High School and really wanted to return.  In San Diego, we went to the beach, walked around, and went out for breakfast.  We went to this little restaurant right on the beach.  The outdoor eating space was on a deck overlooking the pier.  I can’t remember what the place is called but there was a very long line out front and a little coffee stand.  I’m sure you know what I’m referring to if you are from that area.  


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