Saturday in Chicago

          I spent the day downtown yesterday.  Although I live only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago, I don’t get the chance to spend the whole day there very often.  The weather was an amazing 60 degrees and sunny as opposed to the below 30 that it has been.  My boyfriend and I did some shopping on both Michigan Avenue and State Street.  We also went to Wicker Park to eat at a restaurant called Big Star.  I’ve never been to Big Star.  I know it is rated very high but I wasn’t that impressed.  It was overly crowded and not that amazing.  If you go there I recommend just getting food from the take-out window, instead of sitting down.

          I recently got this leather jacket from Forever 21.  I love it because of the removable fur collar and the feel of the faux leather.  It feels like really nice quality.  It’s soft and doesn’t look cheap like a lot of faux leather jackets do.  The only thing that kind of bugs me about it is that they don’t make them in size XS, which is what I needed.  
Jacket: Forever 21  |  Top: T.J. Maxx  |  Boots: Steve Madden  |  Purse and Poof: H&M  |  Jeans: Forever 21  |  Necklaces: H&M
          We also walked around Millennium Park, Lake Shore Drive, and the Chicago River.  Saturday was kind of a “casually do whatever we want day,” so we weren’t very rushed.  I’ve always felt like Chicago is a very under appreciated city.  It’s incredibly clean and pretty.  


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