Saugatuck and Holland Michigan in the Fall

Yellow sweater
Kilwin's Fudge
Michigan leaves

          Last week my husband, puppy, and I traveled to Northwest Indiana to visit our families (they both live there).  We were supposed to go in the summer but had to cancel.  We haven’t been back to Indiana in the fall since moving away and really wanted to see some colorful leaves so we decided to fly out on Halloween.  We were only there about 6 days and really didn’t do all that much aside from see family.  We did spend one day visiting Michigan though.  I love Michigan and am always happy to visit.  We went to Saugatuck and Holland.  

          The above photos are from Saugatuck, MI.  We had planned on stopping there first, but we weren’t sure what shops and restaurants would be open so we were open to going to other towns.  If you aren’t familiar with the west coast of Michigan, there are several cute towns all the way up the coast with shops, restaurants, beaches, marinas, and lighthouses.  It’s really easy to go to a few of them in one day.  Saugatuck was pretty quiet.  Only about half of the shops were open be we did manage to find enough fun things to do for a few hours.  We got salted caramel, chocolate fudge from Kilwin’s.  We went in a few shop and just walked around and enjoyed the trees.  We also stopped by the beach.  There is normally a lot more to do there but so much was closed because of the pandemic and the season.  

cherry republic
holland lighthouse

          We also stopped by Holland because we wanted to go to Cherry Republic.  My husband and I love it so much because we love cherries.  Everything they sell is made with Michigan Cherries.  They normally have free wine tasting as well.  I think it was unavailable because of Covid.  We ended up buying a bottle of wine and a few cherry sodas.  We went in a few other shops and went to see Holland’s lighthouse.  I always love to look at lighthouses.  After that we got Chick-fil-a, and drove back to Indiana.  It was a really nice day.  

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