Scream Queens Style

Scream Queens Style

          I just finished watching Scream Queens! The style in that show is unbelievable.  I was inspired for this collection by the character Chanel.  She is my favorite in the show.  I am obsessed with her style and I love how sassy she is.  Although I would never treat people like she does, I still think it’s really funny.  I wanted to post this collection to share some inspiration for the remainder of winter, for anybody stuck in a style rut.  I love all of the colorful furs in this show.  Of course I am referring to faux furs.  I love this Dior scent so much.  I smelled a sample in a magazine yesterday and now I really want it.  I think it will be the next perfume I own.  I have a very similar pink poof key chain and I am in love with it.  Mine is from H&M.  Sadly, it’s not for sale anymore but you can still find them a variety of places.  See how I styled it in my past blog post.  For christmas I got a furry head wrap kind of like the one Chanel wears in the show.  I’ll wear it in my next blog post.  Has anybody else been loving this show like I have?


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