Seaweed soap

Some of My Favorite Soap Brands

Seaweed soap
Good Soap
French Soap

          I guess I will just start this post off by saying that I have officially made the switch from body wash to bar soap.  The main reason for this is because it’s an easy way to eliminate a plastic bottle.  I honestly think bar soap is so much more fun too.  There are just so many kinds and scents out there.  I love to switch up what I am using.  I am sharing some of my favorites in this post.  I have a lot of other favorites but I didn’t want to buy them all at once and some of them are harder to come across.  There may be a part two to this post somewhere down the road. 

          The first one that I am going to talk about is this seaweed soap from Kalastyle Swedish Dream.  They also make a sea salt one but I prefer the seaweed.  I first tried this soap probably around six years ago.  I was on a trip and came across a Swedish style souvenir shop somewhere and wanted to try it because it smells amazing.  I seriously think this is the best thing I have ever smelled.  It lathers really well and feels so silky when you use it.  It is my absolute favorite soap.  You can find it in boutiques across the united states and Anthropologie.  You can also get it from the brand website.  There are so many other ones from Kalastyle I would love to try as well.  

          The next one that I want to talk about is African Black Soap by Shea Moisture.  This is one of my favorites for sure.  It’s very clean and silky as well.  African black soap is really good for facial blemishes like acne, rashes, eczema, etc.  It’s very antibacterial so it helps to reduce inflammation.  It’s always my go-to whenever I have an issue.  This one is pretty affordable and easy to find.  I always just get it at Target but it’s sold at most common stores that have beauty and skincare products.  

          This Good Soap from Whole Foods is on my list of favorites because it is so affordable, good smelling, and natural.  There are so many different scents to choose from.  This one is cucumber and smells divine.  It does leave a bit of residue but compared to other bar soaps, it’s not too bad.  Like I said, it’s very affordable and has good ingredients.  You can find it in Whole Foods stores.  

          The last one for today is A La Maison soap.  I get it from T.J. Maxx.  I really like it because it comes in a ton of different scents as well.  It feels very smooth when you use it and is pretty reasonably priced.  It isn’t perfect though because it does leave a bit of residue behind.  Another reason I like it is because it’s paraben-free.  I like to use paraben-free products when I can.  


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