Spring Dresses from Zaful

          I have one more post about Zaful.  In this post I will be talking about all of the cute dresses that they have for spring.  Zaful is an online clothing store that sells a huge variety of women’s clothing.  Spring is always my favorite season for fashion because I think it has the best variety of options.  You can wear warm sweaters, but also dresses.  I love how you can pair skirts with long sleeve shirts and just mix up all of the transitional items in your wardrobe.  What I love the most about spring are the colors and patterns.  Floral is my all time favorite so i’m sure you understand why I love spring so much.  

          As far as dresses go, they are my favorite clothing items (in addition to rompers).  I love the way they are so effortless and cute.  What could be better than one piece of clothing that makes you look so nice, without the effort? Nothing is better.  Zaful has a ton of dresses that fit this category.  If you are looking for a little black dress then you can find a black chiffon dress, or other types of chiffon dresses.  Chiffon is always lovely in the spring.  

          There are more types of dresses that you can find.  White dresses are really nice for spring because they look so natural and air-y.  I really love this second dress because it is pretty basic but the lattice trim adds some interest.  It looks a little boho, which is also my style.  I just think it’s so pretty. It would be a good one to wear to the beach.  The next white dress that I’ve selected is ridiculously cute.  I feel like it is so unique with the see-through bodice and the tassel ties on the sides.  It looks a little scandinavian and it’s so cool.  I actually really want this dress.  

          Once again, it’s pretty much spring break time, which means beach vacations.  It’s so fun to wear a dress to the beach.  This first pink dress is my idea of a beach dress because it’s cotton and has the rope lace-up aspect.  The stripes just look a little nautical.  I love it.  Maxi dresses are also really nice to wear to the beach.  Zaful has long beach dresses for you as well.  Slip dresses are another style of dress that is trending right now.  I have seen so many people wearing them.  You could also wear them to the beach because they are lightweight.  This blue one is super cute.  You can find a white slip dress here.  I’m also loving this women’s sheer mini dress.  Whatever style of dress you want, I’m pretty sure Zaful has it.  

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